Posted by on 2016-07-06

When the Prime Minister Stefan Löfven held his speech on Almedalen, Sweden, on the 5th of July 2016 – United Rescue Aid took action.

You can read our full manifestation here

The manifestation went according to plans and we are very happy that this had made the question about refugee politics, reappear in media and with the politicians.  It is still a problem although media has stopped reporting about it, there is still a war in Syria, people are still fleeing and seeking safety. People are still dying in camps and on dangerous routes. Borders can’t be shut when people need help and it shouldn’t be harder for children to reunite with their parents and siblings, it should be easier.

It is not only up to Sweden but we will try and be heard all across Europe and the world, and we are starting in the north..

Here you can see our own and others footage from the manifestation, to see more articles and TV-segments about our case check out our Feature page

Refugees Welcome Stockholm

Please also see our summary of the event from our chairman Ella: