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On the 27th of February, European citizens will come together in cities accross the continent to stand up for human rights, for refugees rights.

We are demanding that European authorities and governments take action now to open safe passage routes for all those who seek protection.
#safepasssage means legal and safe routes: no more deaths at our borders
– #safepasssage means protection for refugees on their travel through Europe
– #safepasssage means adequate standards of reception and asylum in all European countries, no longer diminishing the rights of asylum seekers and refugees, allowing refugees to keep their belongings, allowing them to be reunited with their families and providing stability as far as their right of residence is concerned.

On the 27th of February, thousands of people will raise their voices to demand a viable humanitarian -solution to this situation, as long as a peaceful solution for these wars and conflicts is not in sight. Specifically, the Safe Passage movement demands: the opening of legal and secure routes to safety; diplomatic access to asylum in third countries and humanitarian visas; full compliance with human rights and refugee rights treaties, adequate protection for refugees on their travels throughout Europe, and adequate standards of reception and asylum in all European countries.”

Of course we at United Rescue Aid participated in this important event and we are overwhelmed with the support we got from our members, volunteers and supporters in our event.
Here are our contribution and we will continue to work for and demand #Safepassage
#safepassage #savelifes #refugees #oneworld #unitedrescueaid #volunteerrevolution
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