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My name is Frida, I am a 33-year old woman living in Sweden. Last fall my sister came across a Facebook group that made it possible with just a phone call to save a group of people from drowning, naturally she thought I could be interested and added me to this group called “Save refugees on their way to Europe!”.

I immediately was intrigued by the possibility to help saving lives so “easily” and I started to help the admins of this group making phone calls to coastguards and locating nearest help. After about a month I was invited to be one of the admins and to handling cases myself with the help from others and I happily accepted and started doing more work. The group got bigger and bigger and after a while some of us in the group started thinking of making an own group and that is how United Rescue Aid, “United Rescues”, got started. When United Rescues started up the whole mission with it was to continue the important work we had done in the old group but with safer routines and with more structure. This worked out beautifully with minor setbacks and now we are relaunching ourselves this year and making the organization even more effective and also a legal registered organization teaming up with so many others, and I am so happy to be a part of it.

I volunteer in this organization because even though it is quit tough it is also so rewarding when you see that all your work has resulted in fewer lives lost at sea or land. Every time a group of people are being saved my heart sings, even if I am not working on just that case but some of the other group members, we are making such a difference!
I am not only doing casework within this organization but are also in the management group, making up new improved ways to handle things and also working on website and what else can be needed done. This is what also is so great with this organization, there is a spot for all of us  If you are interested in joining us I wouldn’t hesitate but would send an email right away or contact us through social media – United Rescue Aid!



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