Before you make your journey, please consider the following;

If you or your family is about to board a boat or other form of transportation over the Aegean or Mediterranean Seas, please give us a head’s up and contact us beforehand.

We can provide you with instructions on how to be safe at sea, what the weather conditions are like at the moment and maintain a line of contact with you during your journey to safety.

By keeping the call open we can continuously log the boat’s coordinates and if you are in need of assistance we can contact the correct authorities with your latest known position.

Recommended travelling guidelines

  • Buy a good life vest and make sure that it will float, some life vests sold around the borders are filled with paper or grass and will be of no use when you are in danger. If it’s an inflatable children’s vest, please inflate it before you start your journey. Be aware of fake life jackets being circulated at Turkey shores.
  • If you can find a small life raft to bring for your children, buy one if you can afford it. They will come in handy if the worst happens.
  • Wrap up as warm as you can and try to get waterproof clothing, even if they are cheap. Try to avoid heavy items of clothing as they make it harder to swim if the boat goes down.
  • Keep any money, important papers, ID and photos directly on your person and not in your bags. Share as much as you can between family and please write small notes that the children can bring with your names and contact information.
  • Do your best to keep your phone working. This is how me maintain contact with you and it is the best lifeline you can find. Tied up, plastic bags that can be sealed entirely are good protectors for electronics in water.
  • If you can, bring a flare or anything that can illuminate your position in the darkness. These might be hard to come by but they are of great help to coast guards and other organizations in the area if the boat should go down.

Remember the number 112  in case you need emergency help on boat or island.

Please be as safe as you can!


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