This is our exclusive member’s area.

Here you can find important information relevant for your work within United Rescues. You can also download and read our contract and code of conduct. To be an active volunteer you have to agree with our rules and sign a contract, this is for safety and legal reasons but also to be sure we all work in the same way and with respect for one another

Code of conduct

Contract (only copy)

Manual on digital signing

If you have any questions, ideas or concerns, please address them to the Members Group or send an email to


United Rescue Aid’s annual Meeting of 2018 is being held online, the 29th of April, at 14.00.

Link to the meeting will become available, at the given time, in our membersgroup.


Opening the meeting.
Quarum declaration.
Approval of the agenda.
Election of secretary for the meeting.
Election of chairperson for the meeting.

Review of previous year’s activities, finances and projects.
Discharge of liability of the current board.
Resignation of current boardmembers.
Election of boardmembers for the coming year.
Accepting the new statues as proposed by the board.
Other matters; as to be specified in the meeting.

Ending the meeting.

The board of United Rescue Aid


Disclaimer: The contract you can view on this website is not valid for use and the contract cannot be used in itself as a certificate of your work for United Rescue Aid. When you are accepted by our team you will be sent an original contract for signing. In order to get a certificate/badge, you need to print it out and send in your signed contract to us.