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If you are in a camp on Lesvos Island, you probably already know that you can order clothes from us.
Here is the information on how to do that. ?

How to order?

You contact us through WhatsApp on number 0046703337320.
We need to know your name, possible Greek number, language and camp. Then you need to write a list like this;

Example conversation

Example conversation

Example conversation

Example conversation

Example conversation

Man 34 years
? M
? 43

Woman 34 years
? L
? 32
? 38

Girl 10 years
? 120 centimeters
? 34

Make sure you leave the correct numbers, name, camp and sizes.

Remember to:

1. When you ask about your order in whatsapp, first make sure that you have answered the previous questions in the conversation.

2. Don’t ask questions about your waiting order at deliveries. You are slowing down the process.

3. When you get a message about coming to delivery, you need to confirm that you will come at least 1 hour before the set time.
If you confirm after the set time, your order will not be there. If you don’t confirm at all – your order will not be there.
A simple yes or no is fine, so is a thumbs up. ??

4. If you have confirmed coming to delivery and don’t show up, we will eventually give your order to someone else. After 3 failed deliveries we will stop trying.

5. If you change camp, number, island – or any other circumstances affecting deliveries – inform us as soon as possible.

6. Don’t complain about it taking long, unless you are willing to work yourself.

We are a small team with limited resources, we are working as fast as we are able to – but since we are wasting a lot of time on all the listed things – it’s not going quicker unless you help us out.

That’s solidarity. That’s why we are here. ?
If you don’t show that to us – we don’t show it to you.
Very simple.

For everyone waiting for their deliveries; go back to whatsapp and check what has been said.
Have you provided all information we need or are we actually waiting for you to explain what you need or to confirm pick up?

Also; don’t forget to inform if you have been moved to another place.
We are trying to arrange deliveries to the new locations – but we need to know where they are…

Help out!

If you want to volunteer with us, just send a message to our page and we will explain how. The more hands we have at work, the faster will be able to deliver.

Be respectful!

Sending porn or marriage proposals is not only inappropriate – it also takes time and energy from the one receiving it. Because of that, anyone who behaves in an inappropriate way will be blocked on whatsapp and unfortunately will end up not receive anything.
We are doing this together.
The clothes are donated to you and we are doing our absolute best to distribute them but we are neither robots nor slaves.

Treat us like you’d like to be treated and we’ll treat you like that too.
Thank you for cooperating! ???