Posted by on 2016-08-18

Be very careful when contacting groups directly through facebook!

It has come to our attention that there are groups on facebook using names that are very similar to ours, one in particular is named “United Rescues Crew“. We are also aware of atleast one person who claims to be affiliated with us in order to raise funds for purposes unknown.

These groups and people have no affiliation with United Rescues and we do not endorse anyone not listed on this website, we have alerted as many authorities and people as we can but there is no way for us to control the information posted on sites we do not have ownership of. Please contact us only through the official United Rescues channels that you can find on our contact page.


We have received great news! “United Rescues Crew” has changed their community name and is no longer claiming affiliation with us. We, of course can’t know if there are other groups out there who still insist on using similar names as us so please use the website in order to come in contact directly with United Rescues. Our work continues!

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