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United Rescue Aid is a humanitarian organization, legally registered in Sweden, and fully operated by volunteers all over Europe, Middle East and US.

All our work is non-profitable but we are accepting donations and sponsorship to keep our work as effective and safe as possible with phone systems and other technical solutions.

We are a close team of volunteers working together in the aim of saving as many lives as possible by crisis management and communication with people in distress, coastguards and other rescue operators.

The Aegean and Mediterranean Seas are dangerous to cross without proper equipment and the boats and life vests provided by smugglers are overcrowded and substandard.

By maintaining contact with refugees and translators in the area we can track boats, triangulate communications with coast guards, rescue organizations and volunteers that can provide a helping hand when or if the worst happens.
After the immediate danger is averted and the refugees are safely on peaceful territory we provide assistance in various areas in order to help as much as possible. We maintain connections with aid organizations and people who help track missing family members and friends, have access to shelter and medical equipment and help people get on the right track on their way to a safe and new life.


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The Statues for the organization are the following:

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Board of United Rescue Aid

Org. number: 802499-3753

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These are some of our amazing volunteers, to learn more about them go to Our volunteers and read their stories


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"I volunteer in this organization because even though it is quit tough it is also so rewarding when you see that all your work has resulted in fewer lives lost at sea or land, and people get helped on their way to safety."

~ Frida
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In case of an emergency call us or contact us in our Facebook page with as much information as possible.